AC and DC Axial Fans – Which is Better?

The most obvious difference between AC cooling fans and DC cooling fans is the type of electricity that they use. DC cooling fans use direct current (DC) electrical flows. This type of electrical flow can only move in one direction. AC cooling fans, however, use alternating current (AC) charges that can change direction quickly. The use of DC or AC current might seem insignificant, but it can produce very different results.

When it comes down to the titel topic, different systems require different types of axial fans. Some require AC while others require DC. So although there are differences between the two, you need to make sure you purchase the correct type. But, in case you were curious how AC fans differ to DC fans, here are a few historical and current points.

Due to the higher cost of a DC fan in the past, AC fans were in predominant use. Now that the price point of a DC axial fan has become more reasonable, the many advantages of the DC fan over the AC had made it the top choice for CPUs.

A prime advantage a DC axial fan has over an AC fan is a longer life span.

A DC axial fan also consumes up to 60 percent less power than an AC fan. In fact, experts have proven that a 10°C increase in fan temperature can reduce a fan’s life by as much as 20,000 hours.

Another big advantage of a DC axial fan over an AC fan is that the speed of DC fans are directly proportional to voltage, thus allowing them to run at the speed required for adequate cooling.

Before buying AC or DC cooling fans for your home’s temperature control system, home entertainment center, or computers, you should conduct some research to make sure that you choose an effective model. The differences between AC and DC cooling fans are significant to many machines, as is the differences between the voltages that they use. Most manufacturers include information about the types of fans that consumers should use in their products. If you cannot find this information, then try to replace the existing fan with a comparable model.

In essence, DC axial fans direct heat outside of a motor, keeping your CUP running at an optimum level.

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