AC fan and DC fan

DC  fan


By dc voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy into mechanical to drive the blades rotating, collectively known as the dc fan


Rely on, in short, the coil and switch IC, induction magnetic ring from drive the blades rotating.

AC fan


According to the amp right-hand rule, electric current through a conductor, can produce a magnetic field around, if put the conductor at a fixed magnetic field, it will generate attraction or repulsion, moving object.Inside the dc fan blades, attached to a charge in advance of the magnetic rubber magnet.Around the silicon steel sheet, the axis part two sets of coil winding, and use hall sensor component as synchronous detection device, a group control circuit, the circuit make the job of two groups of coil turns of coil axis.Silicon steel sheet to produce different magnetic pole, the pole and rubber magnet repulsion.When the repulsion is greater than the lice fan of static friction force, natural rotating blades.Because the hall sensor component provides synchronization signals, blades sustained operation, therefore, as for the direction of running, can be determined by Fleming right-hand rule

The difference between ac fan and dc fan

The difference between the AC fan and DC fan.The former power supply for communication, power supply voltage will be positive and negative alternating, unlike DC fan power supply voltage is fixed, must depend on the control circuits, the two groups work can produce different magnetic field coil in turn..Due to the power frequency fixed AC fan, silicon steel sheet produced by pole change speed, decided by the power frequency, frequency