A cooling fan application in medical instrument

Cooling fans now has a very wide range of USES, a variety of production equipment is inseparable from the cooling fan cooling effect, the following simple I tidy up the cooling fan in the application of relevant knowledge in the field of medical apparatus and instruments.

Noise problems in the use of a cooling fan is an age-old question. In use if it is found that the cooling fan noise is too big, should inspect bolts, whether is loose. Also check the cooling fan impeller is loose, most of the time a cooling fan noise are and blade are the links, so once the cooling fan noise, many users will be thinking of to check the cooling fan impeller part first.

Medical apparatus and instruments used in the cooling fan, cooling fan with high frequency electric knife, biochemical instruments, immune apparatus, blood clotting, and blood analysis and so on are useful to the instrument.

Cooling fan bearing vibration is common faults in the operation, the vibration of the cooling fan will cause damage of bearing and blade, bolt looseness, chassis and wind damage, such as fault, seriously endanger the safety of the fan is running. The reason of excessive cooling fan bearing vibration is more, such as can according to different phenomenon analysis reason take appropriate treatment method, often can have twice the result with half the effort.

Fault although said are interlinked, but some faults solution or not exactly the same, the user must be the foundation of the actual situation of their fan scientific inspection maintenance. To a safer use of the cooling fan. Also can pay close attention to www.tyj.hk