Common parts for cooling fans.

Common parts for cooling fans.

1. Air Flow – calculated units (CFM) (Cubic Feet per Minute cubic feet / minute): the larger the number, the stronger the wind on behalf.

2.Air Pressure – the unit of measure (mm-H2O) (physical gaseous units mm water column): The higher the number on behalf of the more fresh air pressure.

3. Bearing – including the oil seal (Sleeve) ,Double Bead (Dual Ball)

4. Fan Speed ​​ – Calculation of unit rotation (RPM) (Rotation Per Minute / min): RPM cooling fan vibration, wind noise and operational noise are closely related.

5. Voltage – (V) unit of volts, the cooling fan of the standard voltage DC12V subject to factory specifications and needs of Mute reduced to 7V or 5V. Fan speed will slow down, bearing sound, wind noise, noise decreases, in exchange for the air volume and pressure will diminish.

6. Current – Calculation of unit (A) amperes, the higher the number of revolutions of usually A larger the number representing the fan page.

7. Watt – Calculation of unit (W) Watt, under normal circumstances, the number of fan blades turn higher the wattage the greater.