CPU fan – common faults and application of common sense.

CPU fan – common faults and application of common sense.

Many people think that the higher the cooling fan speed,so at the same time,the more heat will be taken away  from the CPU,then it is easier for this CPU cooling,but that is not the case.

If a cooling fan speed over than its standard values, when the cooling fan running under the overload situation for a long time, the heat taked away from the CPU will be small than it in the process of high speed rotating.In this case the long time run, the greater difference of heat,Such a high speed cooling fan not only can’t have very good cooling effect, makes the CPU temperature soared;Besides, the higher the speed of the cooling fans, may cause big noise in the process of operation, seriously can make the cooling fan or CPU scraped;In addition,if want a cooling fan operate at high speed, also must have a bigger power to provide power supply,And high power source is obtained from the main board and the high power of power supply,Main board and power suplly  under the overload output will often cause instability of the system.Therefore, the higher speed of a cooling fan, the better cooling effect is  invalid.

1.rotate be ineffective: this is a common problem for oil bearing as it is the dust enter into the bearing , and lubricant  lost lubrication .

2. The fan operation is normal, but the cooling effect is not good: the more common in the small radiator, the reason is very simple, is filled with dust between the cooling fins.At this moment need to pull down the cooling fan,and clean the radiator by use brush.

3.the noise is very big after open, will be quiet after a little rotation: this phenomenon is more common in winter.Reason is the dust sneak into the lubricant , in the cold state consistency too largen to lose lubrication.DC cooling fans will product heat because of friction after using for a long time, lubricants heated liquidity increases,  then back to normal.

4.suddenly noise become very big : encountered this kind of issue, AC cooling fans at first should consider if there is a crack blade .

Above faults, the solution is to buy a new fan change to CPU, more cost-effective than replacing the entire radiator.Some suggestion is to add lubricating oil into the bearing, but I don’t recommend to do so.Because bearings without cleaning, lubricating oil is feeling better at that time, but not solve the fundamental problem, soon will restore the original appearance.