How to store and protect the cooling fans

1, The cooling fan should be stored in a dry environment to avoid the motor from moisture, the fan must in the open storage, there should be preventive measures.

2, in the process of storage and handling should prevent the fan bump to avoid turbine damage.

3, the cooling fan in the use of the environment should always be kept clean and tidy, the fan to keep the surface clean, into the outlet should not be debris on a regular basis to remove dust and other debris within the air-compressors and the pipeline.

4, The cooling fan to fan during operation found the abnormal sound serious heat motor, live shell, switch tripping, can not start such phenomena, they should immediately stop check.

5, according to the use of the environment conditions of the bearing from time to time supplement or replace grease (motor closed bearings do not have to replace the grease in the life of the period)

6, the cooling fan must operation after the cooling fans on normal, to ensure that electricity supply facilities, capacity, voltage stability, is strictly prohibited missing running, power lines must be dedicated lines, and should not be long-term use of temporary power lines.