Reasons of the high temperature for a cooling fan bearing.

What are the cause of the temperature appear on the high side of a cooling fan bearing.

(1) the bearing quality is bad.Sliding bearing grind quality is bad, white metal is bad contact or bodiless;Rolling bearing’s rolling surface have crack, fracture, peeling, etc., can destroy the stability and uniformity of oil film,then caused high temperature of bearing surface.

(2) the lubrication is not good in quality.The purpose of lubrication, is to aviod the direct contact Part of dynamic and static result in friction, which will form of the friction between solid and liquid.If the lubricating oil shortage or poor quality, can make direct friction of dynamic and static parts them caused heat,or heat can’t be take away along with oil, to make the bearing temperature rise.

(3) sealing felt tight and caused fever.

(4) bad rolling bearing assembly quality.Such as the inner sleeve and shaft tight force is not enough, coat and bearing clearance is too large or too small.

(5) bearing vibration is too big to under impact load, seriously influence the stability of oil film.

(6) bearing cooling water shortage or disruption, affect the heat out of, and make the bearing temperature rise.