Sizes and Shapes of Computer Fans.

Today, fans come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, colors, and voltages to help fit perfectly into any device. The title of “AC Fan” means that the cooling fan operates on an alternating current. Other fans can run on direct current (shortened to DC) depending on the type of power supply for the fan and the voltages and current type for the accompanying device that the fan will cool. It is important to double-check your own power supply and current-type before purchasing either an AC fan or a DC fan, as certain fans won’t work with certain currents or power supplies.

The size and shape of a self-contained cooling apparatus is an incredibly important variable to consider when deciding what size or type of fan to purchase for your electronics project. Based on the size of the project and the potential temperatures that could be reached in your device, it is important to understand and select the correct cooling fan for your project.

Most AC fans are categorized by a couple of different measurement systems. In addition to picking the right size of fan when ordering, it is important to understand what unit and variable is being measured during the categorization of the apparatus. The standard unit of measurement for the fan size is in millimeters (shortened to “mm”). These fans will range in size from 60mm to 150mm square.

While the size of the fan does help to determine the cooling capability of the fan, the speed and power of the fan cannot be ignored when searching for the right cooling system for your project. Fans that can spin at higher rotations per minute (rpm) will funnel more air into the machine than a slower fan. Generally, these more powerful fans can cost more per unit and their extra power may not be necessary for your project. Be sure to understand your device’s needs and limitation before purchasing an AC fan to ensure that your fan fits your device.

Computer fans also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some AC fans will have standard square dimensions that allow you to easily fit the fan into your electronic device, while others will vary in shape. Depending on what element of your project you are trying to regulate temperatures for, it is important to know what shape mount and casing you will need for your AC fan. In some cases, it may be necessary to order or fabricate your own mount for the fan in order to achieve proper cooling in your electronic device.