The fan blade effect exhaust air rate.

1.If the cooling fan blade is large, exhaust air volume is big?

Big blades of the fan exhaust air is big,this statement is wrong because the fan exhaust air volume is a comprehensive indicator,It is the most direct measure  of a fan performance for heat dissipation,Its size is not only related to the size of the cooling fan leaves, as well as the design form&thickness and Angle of a cooling fan’s blade.If a fan blade size is very big, but if its blade is flat, it shouldn’t be making any airflow, the fan exhaust air is zero, so for the cooling fan exhaust air volume, the Angle of the blade is the decisive factor.When purchasing a fan, if we want to check the fan exhaust air volume, as long as their hands around the fan fin to feel the blow out wind  strength, usually large exhaust air ooling fan,even we far away from the fan company, also can feel the wind is blowing air.

2, If the heat sink area is large , the heat dissipation effect is better?

Due to the heat generated by the CPU work is conduction to radiator, then  take away the heat of radiator through the blowing  of cooling fan cold air.And the quantity of conduction heat for cooling fans is related to the area size of heat sink,In general, the heat sink and the contact area of the air is greater,the cooling fans cooling effect is better,but that is under the premise that is the case with enough remaining space.If the computer case space is not large for heat dissipation,in the absence of the enough emaining space , will be difficult to install a heat sink with very large area to the chassis,Even if barely able to install to the chassis, too large contact area will stop the hot air around the heat sink quickly dispersed,leading to the overall temperature is too high inside of the chassis,that affect the whole performance of the computer,So the choice of heat sink area size should matching with the case, not to pursue a large area of heat sink.