Aging computer cooling fan noise greaten what should I do

Computer are like people, are loss, elderly functions will puff, a variety of symptoms is also more common, especially in noise changed very greatly. This really bothers many players, then computer noise greaten how to solve? Get together and small make up to look at

Why computer noise, the root cause? We all know that is the voice of reason, vibration and noise inside the case are mainly caused by the fan, rely on airborne noise, so we focus object is the place with fans, as long as the master certain skills, each hardware careful analysis, the noise is not broken.

A cooling fan bearing drip into the lubricating oil

Then tell me something about the CPU radiator, air cooled or water-cooled, cannot leave the fan, so fan processing is extremely important. The more common on the market and cheap radiator is oil seal bearing. This kind of bearing with long time, because of oil seal, oil will gradually evaporate, and dust will enter the bearing, leading to a fan speed slow, increase the problems such as noise, serious still can because of bearing wear, impact dynamic balancing of fan.

Tear off protective film (plaque) like the above, we can see the bearing structure. But in general, pluck blade is difficult, if really is too tight, might as well drop a little lubricant, lubrication. But if the dust is too much, then another.

And common magnetic suspension bearing fan, Ann resistance to beauty products are common, maglev fan is the biggest characteristic is mute effect is very good, but the cost is much higher than normal fan, and fan can be directly forcibly removed, so also facilitate clean.

Power dust prevention measures

Fan is the hardware of the power supply, graphics card, radiator. In general now mainstream case is under the power supply, so in order to consider heat dissipation, the player is essentially the power supply fan to facilitate inhalation of air cooling down (the computer), so the installation and there are no mistakes, but it is easy to take the dust into the shortcomings, especially more sand in the north.

The author of the new computer time is not long, the room window is open, rarely in the case of bottom of dustproof net still can see the power to inhale a lot of dust, down accumulated for a long time in bearing location is a major cause of the power supply fan noise is big.

So I suggest if you host configuration is low and not installed video card, consider the power supply fan upward, so that we can very well cut off dust, and no large effects on the heat dissipation.

But there are also part of the power supply manufacturers to launch some no fan power supply, so that we can completely away from the noise of the power supply, but the price is higher, often because of the need to carry heavy heat sink, budget enough players to consider.

In addition there are power supply may be because of the noise and noise, this situation is more complicated, here I do not do too much to discuss.