A cooling fan in everyday life

Cooling fans are widely used in in daily life, frequency converter, frequency conversion power supply, inverter, inverter power supply, electric welding machine, cabinets, electrical box, LED display frequency, sparks machine, packaging machine, computer case, electric car chargers, medical equipment, instruments and equipment, etc. All you need to use a cooling fan motor and electronics design engineer, must determine the cooling air volume required for a particular system, and the required air volume depends on understanding the system power consumption and whether they can take away enough heat, to prevent the system from overheating occurs. Facts show that, the system of use fixed number of year will be reduced due to the shortage of the cooling system, so the design engineer should also understand that the sales of the system and price, be because the system of the use fixed number of year to the user’s expectations.

And fan in use is also prone to failure under, like everyone explain today, so that everyone in the course of everyday use just in time to check the blade crack or break. This kind of phenomenon often happens in large power plant, the most serious even impeller speed accident;

motor fault:Such as overcurrent, serious when motor burn out.

blade wear:Mainly occurred on the induced draft fan.

Electrical input timing is not good or electrical failure, cause induced draft fan wear. This is the most incidental fault induced draft fan for coal-fired power stations.

Once used by more than a few phenomena happened to the cooling fan, axial fan, must stop check, can no longer continue to boot operation, otherwise it will caused great damage, the fan can check first whether flow fan under the condition of stall work for a long time, airflow pressure pulsation amplitude increased significantly, blade resonance; Fuselage itself organization there is no problem, the starting design is reasonable; When installation left hidden trouble, such as shaft imbalance or connection is not good, cause a large fan vibration, bearing, coupling easy to damage; If neither of these reasons, then to consider whether the fan selection is not appropriate.