The methods of the axial flow fan device

Axial flow fan is also called local ventilator, is a kind of fan, industrial and mining enterprises commonly used Ann is different from general and wind vane of the fan it’s motor in a cylinder shape is a cylinder, for local ventilation, easy installation, ventilation effect is obvious, safe, can take hair as the wind sent to the designated area.

  1. Axial flow horizontal side wall installation: fan device requests and lay down the basis of type device, just finished the oblique arm integral device bracket, bracket should have enough intensity and rigidity, more than 10, the fan is not suitable for using such devices.
  2. Axial flow fan hanging device: first the shock absorber with fan with screw stem connection into the brick, shock absorber of proportion device, finishing in fan focus on both sides, the fan directly into a device in hanging rack, hanging rack, longer serve ShiKong interval distance is set by the user, more than 16 # fan generally do not use this device type.
  3. Axial flow fan vertical device: fan device vertical way and lay down type is the same, on the foundations of the fan more YanLi intensity and stiffness requirements. Fan and the connection on both ends of the channel is important to meet the use of flexible, to isolate vibration and defend the fan.
  4. Axial flow fan lie type device: fix the shock absorber through connecting screw stem, fan base, in the center, a high degree of the shock absorber adjustment to change the pad pull mediation, fan fixed the fixed screw stem will have stitching on the connection of the steel in the foundation, such as fan vibration because of the sake don’t need a shock absorber, will fan the screw hole on the frame and foundations embedded screw stem directly connected.