Basic knowledge of the brushless dc fan

  1. Fan size: refers to the size of the fan, the general said to fan the outside length and thickness of the product size, the unit is mm. Fan specifications often named for size number, such as: DC8025, 8025 of which represents the size of the product specifications 80 * 80 * 25 mm.
  2. Rated voltage: fan is running under the rated voltage, voltage is generally common dc fan for 5 v, 12 v, 24 v, 48 v, etc. Specifications
  3. Fan speed: fan rotational speed, the unit is the RPM (revolutions per minute), and this is the fan is a relatively important parameters, high speed that can lead to big air volume, manufacturers often use product standardization, divided into ultra-high (U), high (H),middle (M), low (L), such as speed of products, for users to choose to use according to their own situation.
  4. Air: measure the abilities of a fan of a quantitative indicators, the unit of cubic feet per minute (CFM), but some places marked unit for cubic meters per minute (CMM), 1 CMM = 35.31 CFM.
  5. Noise value: it is an important parameter, although has nothing to do with the ventilation and heat dissipation effect, but the use of different environmental requirements is very high, the unit is the dBA (db).
  6. Bearing system, the configuration is the soul of the fan components, direct relationship between the product using mechanical life. Often divided into ball bearing and oil bearing.
  7. Wind: Peugeot wind flow to overcome the wind resistance ability, the index directly affects the effect of ventilation, or cooling, the unit is mm – H2O, some places for inH2O identification unit, 1 mmh2o inH2O = 0.03939.
  8. Joint: is a fan of the more important details on the parts, easily ignored by people, often divided into gratuitous, 2 p, 3 p, 4 p and other forward and reverse.