How much do you know about dc cooling fans

Professional people, according to the difference of the power supply mode, the motor can be divided into two types of dc/ac motor. Communication do not discuss first, about the dc cooling fans, the people of the most common is the computer use of cooling fans, computer cooling fan is driven by a dc motor cooling, with the + 12 v power supply voltage, speed is generally can reach 1000 ~ 1000 r/min.

Dc motors are rotating device, is the direct current (dc) can change into mechanical energy, the main component parts are divided into the stator, rotor and commutator. Dc cooling fan rotor generally there are two or more than two sets of coil, with enameled wire winding, make use of the electromagnetic field principles for cooperation between the rotor in the bearing and the shell rotation, then will be fixed at the end of the rotor blades, can drive the blades when the rotor rotation, can realize the function of dc cooling.

Above is a brief introduction of dc cooling fan, hope to be able to help you.