Cooling fan bearing technology

Two Ball Bearing

Double Ball Bearing (Dual Ball Bearing or Two Ball Bearing) have adopted Two Ball Bearing, using traditional rolling friction instead of sliding friction, so less friction, don’t lubricating oil, there is no oil leakage problems. Its advantage is: very long service life and aging resistance performance is good, suitable for high speed of the fan. Biggest disadvantage is the manufacturing cost is high, and noise.

ONE Ball Bearing

Single Ball Bearing (ONE Ball Bearing or Ball + Sleeve Bearing) is the improvement on the traditional oil Bearing, in the form of sliding friction and rolling friction, with a Ball Bearing + a oil Bearing to reduce the cost of double Ball Bearing. Set the advantages of oil bearing and double ball bearing, the disadvantage is that, after joining ball running noise is increased, but still less than double ball bearing.

Fluid bearing

Hydraulic Bearing is modified on the basis of oil Bearing. Hydraulic bearing adopts a unique ring oil supply loop, to a great extent, reduces the oil leakage problem, than ordinary oil bearing greatly prolong the life, and inherits the advantages of oil bearing: running noise is small, the hydraulic bearing fan had significantly lower operating noise, service life is also very long, can reach 40000 hours. Hydraulic bearing still in essence is a kind of oil bearing. But this kind of improved, greatly extended the life than ordinary oil seal bearing, and inherited the oil-retaining bearing, the advantages of low noise operation.

Sleeve Bearing

Sleeve Bearing is the most common use of a Bearing. It use oil as a lubricant and drag reduction agent, advantage: the price is very low, the early use of running noise is low. Weakness: the bearing is easy to wear and short service life. In addition, this kind of bearing with long time, the oil in the bearing sleeve is easy to leak out noise increase, and will pollution and other accessories.