The working principle of the blower

Blower working principle of centrifugal fan and centrifugal fan are similar, just air compression process is usually work after several impeller (or several) under the action of centrifugal force.

A high-speed rotation of the rotor, the fan is on the rotor blade drive air high-speed movement, centrifugal force makes the air within the involute in the shape of a chassis, along the involute flow fan outlet, high-speed airflow have a certain air pressure. New air from the center of the casing into added.

In theory, the characteristic curve of pressure and flow of centrifugal blower is a straight line, but the fan is internal friction losses, such as the actual pressure and flow characteristic curve along with the increase of traffic and gently falling, the corresponding power of centrifugal fan – flow curve rises along with the increase of flow rate. When the fan with constant speed operation, the operation condition of the blower will move along the pressure – flow characteristic curve. Fan run time point, performance depends not only on itself, and depends on the characteristics of the system, when the pipeline resistance increases, the pipeline performance curve steepened. The basic principle of blower adjustment is by changing the fan itself performance curve or external pipeline characteristic curve, in order to get the required conditions.

High-speed single-stage centrifugal blower working principle is: engine by high speed rotation shaft to drive the impeller, axial airflow by imports after entering the high-speed rotating impeller into radial flow is accelerated, and then into the cavity expansion pressure, change flow direction and reduction, the reduction effect will be in the high speed rotating airflow with kinetic energy into pressure energy (potential energy), the stable pressure blower exports.