Cooling fan Performance – Speed & Electric current & Air volume

1.Cooling fan Speed – That the fan blades to rotate in a unit of time the number of weeks, the unit is generally rpm, rev / min

Often Speed ​​can affect wind speed, wind, air pressure, noise, power, and even life. The higher the speed, the fan performance is stronger, the faster speed, the greater the amount of wind, air pressure greater; same time, high speed, friction, vibration, the more noise is large, bearings and other wear and tear on the short life of the equipment.

2.Electric current – Fans at the rated working voltage, the current flowing through the fan.

3. Air volume:Air flow is refers to the amass of fan vent area and this area’s flat rate.

Air volume units for cooling fans:

CFS:Cubic Feet Per Second,(ft3/s)

CFM:Cubic Feet Per Minute,(ft3/min)

CMS:Cubic Meter Per Second,(m3/s)

CMM:Cubic Meter Per Minute,(m3/min)

CMH:Cubic Meter Peter Hour,(m3/h)

L/min:Liter Per Second,(L/min)