caused reasons for high temperature of bearing.

Three type reasons of abnormal temperature rise of Fan bearing: poor lubrication, insufficient cooling, bearing abnormal.

Centrifugal fan bearing Placed in the fan outside, if appear desquamate, hemp pit, temperature increase caused by gap enlarge due to the bearing fatigue&wear, can generally to be judged by listening to bearing noise and vibration measurement;If the cause of the poor lubrication, cooling is not enough, easy to judge.And axial flow fan bearing concentration within the bearing box and placed under the inlet chamber.When the bearing temperature occurs, as the fan is running, is difficult to judge bearing has a problem or lubrication, cooling problem.In practice can be solved from the following several aspects:

(1) When adding oil for bearing box should be in accordance with the requirements for bearing box to work on a regular basis.Sometimes also can appear high temperature after adding oiling for bearing.Mainly oil too much, then the temperature rising continuously, at some point (generally higher 10 ℃ to 15 ℃ than the normal operating temperature ), will remain unchanged, and then gradually decline.

(2) the cooling fan is small, cooling air flow is insufficient,the flue gas in axial flow fan the temperature is at 120 ℃ to 240 ℃, bearing box if there is no effective cooling, bearing temperature will rise.Simple and auxiliary power saving solution is set up in lateral wheel hub bearing compressed air cooling.When temperature is low can not open compressed air cooling, conversely, open the compressed air cooling at high temperature.Checking the bearing box again after confirm there is no above problem.