The Axial cooling fan characteristics.

Axial cooling fan blade air moving with the same as the axis direction.Heat dissipation of axial flow fan impeller and propeller are similar, it at work, the vast majority of the flow of air flow parallel to the axis, that is to say along the axis direction.Heat dissipation axial flow fan when the inlet air flow is 0 static free air, its power consumption is the lowest, when working with airflow backpressure increases power consumption will increase.Heat dissipation axial flow fan is usually served on electrical equipment cabinets, sometimes integration on the motor, because of the axial flow fan is compact structure, can save a lot of space, easy installation at the same time, so widely used.Went to take a look at the below optimum and the characteristics of axial flow fan:

  1. Fan adopts the most advanced design, with large air volume, low noise, long life, corrosion resistance, etc.
  2. Axial cooling fan has a strong engineering design capabilities, can be designed and manufactured according to customer request specialized products.
  3. We understand the specific needs of various industries for fan, offers a variety of standard cooling fan products for your choice.
  4. Our fan is made of high quality bearing, silicon steel sheet, enameled wire, the cooling fan has a higher reliability.
  5. To provide thoughtful and meticulous service, and fast on time delivery.