How to choose a cooling fan

The principle of temperature control cooling fan is: according to the fan heat around increase speed to improve the fan itself, at the same time increase the flow of air (air). The thermistor were used to detect temperature, mounted on the fan wheel sensor can detect temperature through the fan. In this configuration, it must be properly installed fan, the fan installation is completed, the thermistor sensor can be induced by special line.

Fan operation is changed by the condition of the heat, operating at a slower speed, fan will produce less noise, and consume less energy. In most of the design requirements, the fan speed running hours after the air temperature is usually lower than the design of the maximum temperature value. Usually, low speed of cooling fan can work enough to finish it.

When we select and install the cooling fan should also take into account a number of factors:

First of all, a cooling fan must be able to provide enough displacement (speed), in the heat of the hot air inside the cooling device, when the hot air temperature is lower or less heat flow, it worked as a reverse.

Second, at the time of installation of sensors must choose good correct position, make sure you are able to put in the proper position. Try to make the sensor can be directly clamping to heat on the surface. In operation, the temperature control fan, if the heating temperature is high, the voltage regulator will feel faster speed, and at a lower temperature, in a low speed, in the middle of the high and low, the temperature of the fan speed will be a little change. Temperature change is slow, when the fan, the fan speed change is slow, not suddenly change fan speed and noise. Reaction time depends on the length of the sensor, its thermal sensitivity.