DC fan has which very excellent control performance

DC fan hsa which very excellent control performance?

First,due to the high performance of materials make the motor torque constant,torque to inertia ratio and greatly improve the power density,etc.Through the reasonable designand make the moment of inertia,electrical and mechanical time constant index is greatly reduced,as the main indicator of servo control performance has improved a lot.

Second,modern magnetic circuit design has been more perfect,plus high coercive force of permanent magnet material,thus motor armature reaction and its resistance to demagnetization resistance greatly strengthened,motor control parameters with the external disturbance affects greatly reduced.

Third,because of the magnets to replace the electric excitation,reduced the exciting winding and the design of the excitation magnetic field,and thus reduce the excitation flux,exciting winding inductance,excitation current,and many other paramenters,which directly reduce the controllable variables or parameters.