How to improve the quality of a cooling fan

Here to tell you how to fundamentally improve the quality problem of the ac/dc cooling fans, ac/dc. It is understood that the general good cooling fan with high speed, low noise, large wind performance. Theory is definitely in the stator and the quality of each parts. In fact, a quality of cooling fans not only have good equipment spare parts support, also need to have good research and development department and production department’s support.

Equipment parts factor za aside, the main said the problems in the research and development department and production department.

The research and development department of an enterprise is often can control the development direction of the enterprise, research and development of a perfect product to drive even with live throughout the enterprise. Such as cooling fan outside the framework of research and development of design is to consider and test all kinds of frame shape on the ventilation resistance and auxiliary power, wind power and wind pressure of cross how to achieve a perfect point, to minimize how can fan bearing friction inside, the inside of the chip do to the performance of the maximum power auxiliary fan and guarantee the safety of the fan and so on, these are all need to r&d department to deal with. A good example: in the two cooling fans of the internal structure of the parts are equal, and wind speed using different shapes of frame to test, including the use of design is very good performance of the casing outside the fan can highest than the other

The production department is also very important, a good production department can make the product quality improved about 30%, and a good production department can delivery speed and saving the cost of production for the company. For example on the production line production soldering hand, a good soldering hand often can largely avoid the fan above defective rate and improve the stability of the fan.

Equipment spare parts, r&d department and production department is the three complement each other, as long as the three largest extent be close to a piece of it can make the quality of the cooling fan ascend up significantly.