proper operation of cooling fan can reduce noise

Proper operation of cooling fan can reduce noise accordingly, following more details:

1.system impedance:Between a casing into the tuyere and outlet range from 60% to 80% of all system impedance, the greater the additional air, noise is relatively high. The higher the system impedance, needed the cooling air flow is larger, so in order to reducing noise to a minimum, the system impedance must be reduced to a minimum.

2.Airflow disturbing:interference flow casused along the flow path encountered obstacles can produce noise,therefore must be avoid of any obstacles,especially aound the key range inlet and outlet,to reduce noise.

3.speed and size:Should as far as possible to try and choose low speed fan because high speed fan give out more noice. One large size & low speed fan will be more quiet when conveying the same air than minsize & high speed fan.

4.temperature increment:within one system,air volume cooling needed is inversely proportional to the allowing rising temperature.when temperature is incresing slightly over allowed,than can largely reduse the required air volume.Therefore, if the limitation on the strong and allow temperature rise slightly loosen,the required air volume will be reduced, also the noise can be reduced.

5.vibration:under some statuation,the weight of the whole system is very light,or when the system must operate in accordance with some regulations,the soft isolation equipment, especially recommended to avoid the fan vibration transmission.

6.voltage:Variable voltage changes will affect the noise level,when fan voltage is higher, because the higher speed, vibration is big, will produce greater noise. a fan of each component design, all can affect the level of noise.