The cause of the axial flow fan failure

Product design and manufacturing:

1,dynamic load is not fully considered in the design of intensity. Structure design is not reasonable.

2, pneumatic design is not perfect.The aerodynamic characteristics, inflation is unknown.

3, blade material is poor.Leaf blade strength safety factor is not enough.

4, blade quality is poor.

5, welding, assembly quality is poor.Such as fall off blade bolt broken blades, etc.

6, poor quality of the control station.

7, failure monitoring & protection accessories.

installation aspect:

1, cause a large fan vibration, bearing, coupling easy to be damaged.Shafting is unbalanced or bad connection.

2, the indicated value is not consistent with the control feedback value, great error in the actuator mounting.Lead to incorrect manipulation.

The fan selection and system design:

select improper fan will cause the fan actual operation point into the random turbulence or stalling region, which will further damage and fatigue the related parts of fan rotor.

operation and test

1, the air pressure pulsation amplitude increase obviously, axial flow fan working for a long time under the premise stalling . Leaf blade resonance is damaged.

2, starting is not under the requires by fan performance.

3, no electric dedusting or low efficiency of the electric dedusting

cause high dust concentration in fan import .

4,When run in parallel with two electric fan, both working point are quite different.

5, axial flow fan surge protection failure.

6, without inspection regularly or bad on schedule.