Some basic knowledge about cooling fan

  1. Blades: it is a injection molding,the line is PBT plus 30%glass plus VO class produced by flame retardant;
  2. Bearings,low noise import oil bearing;
  3. insulation:  enameled wire by class B insulation,heat resistance,120 degrees Celsius;
  4. Connection mode:lead type (line lengh 25 cm).
  5. Insulation resistance:more than 500 megohm;
  6. Resistance to voltage,leakage current 0.5mA.Withstand voltage of 1500V/1 minutes;
  7. Operating voltage:110V (voltage range is:85V~125V)
  8. Operating voltage:220V(voltage range is:185V~245V);
  9. Fan spin to:look from the blade direction is anticlockwise;
  10. Using the environment temperature℃:-10℃~50℃ (S:oil bearing)
  11. Life of life: working environment temperature 40℃ (S:oil bearing)30000(h)service life is short,not easy to work long hours for 24 on end.


  1. Cooling fans:the scope of application of the cooling fan is mainly to solve the computer,electronics,machinery,power supply of the cooling problem,reduce the equipment working enwironment temperature,prolong the service life of equipment.There is also a part of the equipment using the fan air volume,air pressure to complete equipment functions,for example,the air table is to use the fan pressure that the ball can drift on surfance of the table.
  2. Cooling fans are ex tremely working principle:the cooling fan is mainly divied into two groups and the dc and ac fans.DC cooling fan is the use of dirrect current(dc) to procide power supply:dc motor consists of stator and rotor of two parts are on the stator pole(winding type or permanent magnet type)the rotor winding,after electrify,also formed on the rotor magnetic field(pole),an Angle between the stator and rotor poles have,in the stator magnetic field(N pole and S pole)between the attraction of operations.