Low noise DC fan way of heat transfer

Any type of radiator is inseparable from the following three kinds of basic heat transfer way,just different emphasis.

  1. Heat conduction: Convection and radiation. Substance itself or when in contact with the material, the energy transfer is called a heat conduction, this is one of the most common way of heat transfer. For example, CPU heat sink base take direct contact with the CPU heat is heat conduction.
  2. Thermal convection:Refers to the flow of the fluid (gas or liquid) will go tropical way of heat transfer in the cooling system of computer case more common is a cooling fan drive gas flow “forced heat convection cooling way.
  3. Heat radiation:Refers to rely on the radiation heat transfer, everyday is the most common solar radiation. The three thermal radiation are not isolated, in daily heat transfer, the three thermal radiation is happening at the same time, work together.

Such as common CPU cooling fan,CPU heat sink,direct contact with the suface of the CPU heat through heat conduction on the surface of the CPU is passed to the CPU heat sink;DC cooling fan CPU radiator air flow through the heat convection is generated on the surface of the heat away;And the flow of the air inside the case is CPU heat sink of the surrounding air by convection heat away,until the case outside;At the same time all around the part of high temperature on low temperature part of the thermal radation.